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Monday, April 19, 2010

Business Planning: Chapter II: Web Strategy

Today we held a focus meeting on the future Web Strategy of Planet X Comics and Collectibles. After much discussion, we both decided that the internet was most likely a fad, so we decided to just ignore it.
So.... Rich and I spent several hours discussing the value of Facebook, Twitter, Intuit, GoDaddy and the relative cost of designing our own site over that of hiring a professional. After exchanging insults, we decided that the value of a professionally designed site was well worth the initial cost, so brace yourself blog readers- you are about to see something really cool.
Also in today's Business Planning meeting: We visited a local video store; more specifically, one that is going out of business. Our strategy is to keep our own costs down, so we are purchasing their fixtures (shelving, glass cases, etc.) in bulk. Rich didn't like the purple color of the shelves but what the Hell does he know! In any event, after cost analysis, this venture alone should reduce our fixture cost by over 50%!
This is how we pass the savings along to you, our dear readers. Well, either that, or we might use the money that we saved to buy a helicopter.

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