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Monday, April 19, 2010

KICK- ASS: The Premiere!

One of the great things about being one of the C2E2 guests was our sneak peek at the movie "Kick- Ass". Being the totally awesome VIPs that we are, we were permitted to view the movie two days early. It was very top secret- we actually had to relinquish our cell phones before the showing. I guess they knew well that a room full of comic book geeks would have posted their pictures on the internet before the movie even opened. In retrospect this was a good call on their part.
Although this blog is a business forum and not a review site, I would like to state my opinions of the movie. I enjoyed the film immensely, but it is NOT FOR EVERYONE. By turns violent and profane, "Kick- Ass" is an edgy, mature superhero film in the vein of "Kill Bill" or "Watchmen". If you go to see this because you thought McLovin was funny in "Superbad", prepare to be completely shocked.

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