DC Comics: The New 52!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Notable Meetings

We were fortunate to be introduced to several key players in the Comic Book Industry. On the first night of our arrival, Dark Horse Comics hosted a welcome party featuring legendary author, editor and creator Jim Shooter. At the age of 14, Shooter began selling stories to DC Comics. Writing for both Action Comics and Adventure Comics, beginning with Adventure Comics #346 (July 1966), Shooter provided not only writing but pencil breakdowns as well. Shooter created several characters for the Legion of Super-Heroes including Karate Kid, a teenage superhero who predated the martial arts fad of the 1970s; Ferro Lad, a teenage superhero who can transform to living iron; and Princess Projectra, who could cast realistic illusions. He also created the Superman villain The Parasite. A super talented guy who has made a profound impact on the genre. The party at the Java Bar was sweet. We not only met Mr. Shooter, but we were pleased to meet several comic retailers from across the United States and Canada. This was invaluable experience for us to learn more about the industry- from people who had experienced the challenge first- hand. Dark Horse was giving away some great swag- autographed graphic novels and other cool stuff. Perhaps best of all- the drinks were free!

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