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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update! The Trials and Tribulations of Planet X

Welcome back True Believers! Today we achieved two milestones in the process of establishing our own business. First, we delivered the final edited copy of our Business Plan to the York office of the Small Business Administration. This is in our attempt to procure an additional cash infusion at launch, a danger that plagues many small businesses at their most vulnerable time- the Beginning!
The second milestone- We finally purchased our fixtures for our brick and mortar store. This is a critical step for us. Many thanks to Teresa from Hollywood Video for totally hooking us up! She was easy to do business with and just a totally all- around cool person. Tomorrow Rich and I are heading over there with a rented U- Haul Truck to pick up shelves, signs, racks and the various odds and ends needed for any self respecting Comic Store. I assure you, it will be nine kinds of awesome! Stay Tuned for the next step- the Train has left the station!

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