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Friday, December 2, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

"The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank"

Aquaman - issue 3 - The art is fantastic as always. I really like all of the storylines being opened up and can't wait for next month. 5/5

Diablo - issue 1 - The story seems interesting. I like the premise so far; next month will determine the series. The art is very lined and rigid; not my favorite but seems appropriate for the story. 3/5

Doctor Who - issue 11 - There is a Romana reference... that's the best part. Predictable and not overly satisfying end. 3/5

Fantastic Four - issue 600 - The first Fantastic Four I've read... have to say I'm intrigued by the story. I enjoyed the art. Now just to catch up on FF. 4/5

The Flash - issue 3 - I really like the art in The Flash. The story is really getting good and I want to see how they work the ending out next month! 4/5

I, Vampire - issue 3 - I am liking this more and more. The new characters should prove to be fun in the coming issues. And next month, John Constantine! 5/5

Justice League Dark - issue 3 - Oh Enchantress... you're bad. I'm really intrigued by the character Shade. I definitely can't wait to see where this story is going and how everything gets tied together. 5/5Kick-Ass 2 - issue 5 - Hit-Girl is back! Some events that happened in this issue were shocking and sad but foreseeable. 3/5

Locke & Key - Guide to the Known Keys one-shot - Locke & Key just continues to amaze me. I love how the story keeps changing and you learn so much new information each time a new issue comes out. This one was a peek into the past when the rules with the keys were different. It reinforces how the keys have affected the family for such a long time. 5/5

Teen Titans - issue 3 - So much going on this week... Kid Flash, Solstice, Red Robin, Bunker, Skitter, Wonder Girl. And who's this Detritus character? Great art and fast-paced story. 5/5

Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Fastball Special" by Jeff Bailey

Batman #3
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Greg Capullo

Batman’s introduction to the Court of Owls continues and it’s not a loving relationship. The Detective seems to believe that Gotham is his town but he’s beginning to see that familiarity slip through his fingers. Gotham has taken notice of Batman and it doesn’t seem to be on his side. Snyder’s take on Batman, the Waynes, and Gotham is fascinating and carries a depth I haven’t seen before. It actually makes me worried for Bruce and I am totally hooked for what will come next. Capullo has continued to nail the art. His panel set up tells the story without having to over-explain and I continue to be awed by his use of angles and perspective. My advice- pick this up and make it your Pick of the Week, just like I did.
Story- 5
Art- 5
“They’re in our homes.”

Justice League #3
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Jim Lee

I feel like I’m bordering on the verge of heresy here. I’m mean this is THE title right? The big one? I should be using words like great, fun, amazing but the word this issue makes me think of most is forced. It all feels forced. The League gets introduced to Wonder Woman, who I guess is an idiot during this time of her life, as well as a few other soon to be important characters. But other than some decent banter surrounding Flash and Batman, the dialogue and story just seems rushed. The art doesn’t help this issue either. It sometimes actually confuses the storytelling. And while it’s not Lee’s fault, WW, Flash and Batman are being drawn so much better in their respective books that it’s hard not to compare. Johns will smooth this all out but I hope it’s sooner rather than later.
Story- 3
Art- 3
“I thought you were a vampire or something.”


Ultimate X-Men #3- 3/5- Story was confusing and didn’t seem to move the plot. Oh, and a giant mechanical worm comes out of a guy’s butt.

Amazing Spider-man #674- 4/5- Fairly solid start to a new Vulture story.

Venom #9- 5/5- Remender is really taking this book to some dark places.

Morning Glories #14- 3/5- Ummmm…. Well, I guess Ben really likes it.

Walking Dead #91- 4/5- I hope we’re coming to the end of a fairly mundane arc.

Green Lantern Corps #3- 4/5- Some great panels loaded with lots and lots of GLs.

Wonder Woman #3- 4/5- Art’s still great but the dialogue just didn’t stay cohesive for the whole issue.

Catwoman #3- 5/5- Turns out Selina isn’t just about gratuitous sex. She’s also about messy anger and wonderful violence.

Nightwing #3- 4/5- Richard has a thing for the redheads. Can ya blame him?

That’s what I read this week, Plexers. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Fastball Special" by Jeff Bailey

Ultimate Spider-man #4
Writer: Brian Bendis
Artist: Sara Pichelli

It’s hard to remake a character. It’s even harder to change the total identity of that character. Will we take to the new hero? Will they be someone we care about? Will we accept them being thrown into the already existing universe? Will they be able to fill those well-worn shoes?  In this issue, we find a young man asking himself the same questions. Miles wonders if he has what it takes to be a hero, so he goes in search of finding an answer to the question, “What made Peter Parker a hero?” Pichelli’s art is clean, tight and dynamic. Her characters’ emotions are clear and add to the tension of the book. I love how Bendis is showing us Miles’ journey to becoming a man and how it can be complicated by having power and responsibility thrust upon him. And for that, it is my Pick of the Week.

Story- 5
Art- 5
“Why did he do it?”

Suicide Squad #3
Writer: Adam Glass
Artist: Cliff Richards

The idea of having a group of villains team-up in order to do at least semi-heroic acts is not a new one. (The 90’s Thunderbolts took a great twist on the concept.) You do it wrong and you have a tedious rehash of tired material. You do it right and you have an exciting look at redemption. Or you can have Suicide Squad. For 3 issues now, this has been crazy, weird, fun and unpredictable. This time, the “team” is trying to hold out for an evac while managing to keep safe a plague-carrying baby. Yep. A plague-carrying baby. If that’s not enough for you, we also get 1) Harley Quinn’s underwear and 2) A shark guy eating chickens. Live chickens. If you like fun and I know that some of you do, try this one out.
Story- 5
Art- 5
“I don’t do clowns.”


Batgirl #3- 4/5- Barbara and Richard’s game of tag hit some really good notes.

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #2- 4/5- Art was a tad off but swimming through Oswald’s past is painful (but hey, I’m probably prejudiced).

Demon Knights #3- 4/5- Who would have guessed demons and the clergy don’t get along?

Resurrection Man #3- 4/5- Coming back to life over and over again looks to have an unpleasant feel to it.

Frankenstein #3- 4/5- Once again proving the age old adage- Mummies are cool.

Green Lantern #3- 5/5- More Sinestro as GL? Yes, please, Mr. Johns.

Grifter #3- 3/5- I’m beginning to fear they just don’t have the feel for who this character is.

Batman & Robin #3- 4/5- Not used to seeing Bruce struggle for control of a situation.

Batwoman #3- 5/5- Consistently the best art of any of the DC New 52.

Wolverine #18- 4/5- Enjoyable on its own but I have yet to catch on to where this arc fits in Aaron’s overall storyline.  

Avenging Spider-man #1- 4/5- Great art and a solid start to Pete’s new Avenger team-up book.

Uncanny X-Force #17- 5/5- The storytelling, both in words and art, is of the highest caliber. As always.

That’s what I read this week, Plexers.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Fastball Special" - by Jeff Bailey

Animal Man #3

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Travel Foreman

It’s now obvious that Lemire and Foreman have deep-seeded emotional trauma. And I am so grateful for it. Buddy and Maxine continue their trip through the Red, the place of power for all the animal men (and women it seems). They are not alone. In some truly horrific images, we are introduced to the Three Hunters who are after not only Buddy and Max but the rest of the family as well. Lemire’s story twists and turns. It balances so well the needed exposition and gruesome action. Foreman’s art is right there with him. It is the stuff of nightmares and it is amazing. If you can handle it, start reading this series because the last panel of this issue will freak you right the hell out. And for that, it is the Pick of the Week.

Story- 5

Art- 5

“We have been expecting you.”

Invincible #84

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Ryan Ottley

The old truths of this book are still the truth. The characters feel real and have depth. The emotions bleed through the page. The art is crisp and clean and as good as it’s ever been. Most of these panels I want hanging on my wall. But none of that is new. It’s always been great and continues to be. But Kirkman seems to be taking an ever so subtle turn with where Mark is headed. If I’m right, I think we are seeing him grow up. He is a superhero that is starting to question if there is more that he can be doing to help those in need than just punching someone in the face. Superhero comics have to tell the same story over and over again. Nature of the beast. But I wonder if something different is going on here. I wonder…

Story- 5

Art- 5

“He did WHAT?!”


Witch Doctor #4- 5/5- The end of Dr. Morrow’s first (hopefully of many) wonderful, twisted, funny arc.

Action Comics #3- 4/5- Imagine, if you will, if a young Peter Parker were an alien with superpowers.

Red Lanterns #3- 4/5- The dialogue is a bit stilted but I’m diggin’ the rage.

Uncanny X-Men #1- 5/5- Magneto’s brains almost leak outta his eyes.

Amazing Spider-man #673- 4/5- It wraps up Spider Island in a neat, sweet, very naked little bow.

Irredeemable #31- 3/5- Yeah, the death was supposed to be edgy but it felt like it was treading the same old water.

That’s what I read this week, Plexers.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Rise of the Governor" Review- by Nash Rambler

Against my better judgment, I have decided to share with you my thoughts on the latest “Kirkman” novel, “Rise of the Governor”.

First off, if you are a fan of the Walking Dead series, you will be pleased to learn that Zombie Mayhem is still the centerpiece of this pseudo-biography. Replete with lengthy passages of stomach- churning descriptions of Undead Attacks, the book seems dedicated to the most innovative ways to describe splattering gore. Exploding brains, spurting entrails and severed limbs are splashed across nearly every page. I hope you sense that I mean this in the best way possible.

The book itself remains flawlessly faithful to the popular graphic novel. It’s definitely fair to say that if you enjoyed the violent original series, then this violent novel is aimed squarely at you. Alert readers will recognize several key locations from the Walking Dead, but I won’t spoil the surprises here.

It’s also my opinion that “Rise” employs the traditional “Shock Ending” required of all Zombie Tales; I for one did not guess the ending coming, and that’s always a strength. Again, if you are even mildly familiar with the Governor, his story serves as a fascinating analysis of one man’s descent into madness and immorality. And best of all…. The Governor is NOT who you think he is. That said, even if you have never heard of the Governor, the novel is a well- written, briskly paced Zombie Romp that fits perfectly into Walking Dead canon.

There is one mild objection from this reviewer. I am a fan of both the original series and the television show, and consider myself an avid follower of Robert Kirkman’s work. To me, much of his appeal is based on the terse, wordless exchanges of his characters, and the unspoken drama of humans losing their morality. The writing in this book is verbose, descriptive, and well… downright flowery at times. Every scene is full of pastiches, mélanges, and other colorful metaphors. From the writing style, it is clear to me that Kirkman did not write this book himself. This is not so much of a complaint as an observation. More credit should have been given to the obvious ghost writer, Jay Bonansinga.

That aside, “Rise of the Governor” is highly recommended to all fans of Post- Apocalyptic Fiction. I give this book 5 out of 5 Exploding Skulls!

“There is nothing glorious in dying. Anyone can do it.”

Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Fastball Special" - by Jeff Bailey

Flash #2
Writer: Francis Manapul
Artist: Francis Manapul
Ever had a time when your mouth was moving faster than your brain? It can get you in trouble. For Barry Allen, he has to figure out how to get his brain to think as fast as his entire body can move, which is pretty darn fast. What a treat to watch Barry refine his powers and use this new idea to actually map out the outcomes of his speedy actions before he even makes them. Manapul’s writing is still a bit raw but it is entertaining and paced well. While the story is good, it’s his art that is the hero of the book. The panel layouts are genius and he is able to convey motion, a must for a Flash book, as well as I have ever seen. This was a joy to read and was therefore, the Pick of the Week.

Story- 5

Art- 5

“I hope you filled out your warranty card.”

Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors #6

Writer: Mark Smith

Artist: Armand Villavert

The first issue ended with a twist and I was fearful that would be all this book had going for it. But Smith has been able to immerse us into this world and the give the kids in the school depth and meaning. All the young villains’ planning and skills get tested in this issue as they take on the heaviest of superhero heavies. The battle is great and the teamwork is fun to watch. Villavert’s art showcases and differentiates each of the kids’ powers in riveting fashion. This is definitely one of the great comics that you aren’t reading. Pick it up.

Story- 5

Art- 5

“Heh. Kids these days.”


Red Wing #4- 2/5- Just did not deliver in the end. Or is it the beginning?

Sixth Gun #16- 5/5- Our history can be used as a warning for our future.

Walking Dead #90- 4/5- Great early tension but the end was forced and out of character.

Batman: Dark Knight #2- 2/5- From the dialogue to the art to the story, I just don’t understand the need for this title.

Teen Titans #2- 3/5- DC is trying to make the characters in their team books reallllllly annoying.

GL: New Guardians #2- 4/5- Art is still a bit rough but interested in where the last page leads.

I, Vampire #2- 5/5- Love the atmosphere of this book.

JL Dark #2- 4/5- All of DC’s “dark” books are rock solid.

Aquaman #2- 4/5- Mera is one tough lady. And that’s a good thing.

Amazing Spider-man #672- 4/5- Spider Island has finally finished its 17 year run.

Venom #8- 5/5- Remender has turned Flash Thompson into one of this year’s best characters.

Daredevil #5- 5/5- Sorry, Foggy. I thought you were with the brunette. My bad.

Wolverine and the X-Men- 5/5- Robert Drake, CPA to the mutant stars.

That’s what I read this week, Plexers.

Monday, October 24, 2011

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Fastball Special"- by Jeff Bailey

Wonder Woman #2

Writer: Brian Azzarello

Artist: Cliff CHIANG

Up until last week, I’d never bought a WW book. Couldn’t have cared less about Diana. But a funny thing happened on the way to the DC relaunch… this has now been 2 issues of awesomeness. Zeus has been a bad boy by cheating on Hera and she wants his latest offspring not so much to be dead, just not alive anymore. Well, it’s up to WW to make sure that doesn’t happen. Azz’s dialogue is sharp and appropriate to each character. It’s also very sparse, which allows CHIANG’s art to tell an amazing visual story. Unbelievable panel work in this issue and I gotta say, Diana looks great. CHIANG draws her powerful and feminine. Plus, it’s great that she really looks Greek. Batman was cool but this is the Pick of the Week thanks to CHIANG!!!!!

Story- 5

Art- 5

“Tell me what’s not to be afraid of.”


Uncanny X-Men #544- 4/5- Satisfying yet somewhat confusing “end” to the series.

Wolverine #17- 5/5- Logan teams up with a talking gorilla. Sold!

Fables #110- 5/5- I want Fables to have my children.

Red Hood #2- 4/5- Am I supposed to like these people or not? What’s the deal with that?

Catwoman #2- 4/5- Brace yourself, there’s more sexy time in this. Shocking.

Green Lantern Corps #2- 4/5- High “loss of appendages” to pages rate.

Batgirl #2- 4/5- I would rather she had Dick..errr.. dated Richard. Nightwing. You know what I mean.

Nightwing #2- 4/5- It’s official… Every relaunch title character has to sex with someone at least once in the 1st 2 issues.

Justice League #2- 5/5- I don’t remember every early member of the JLA being such a jackass.

Batman #2- 5/5- Stupendous. Capullo is kiiiiillllliiiinnnngggg it!

That’s what I read this week, Plexers.

Friday, October 14, 2011

"Fastball Special"- by Jeff Bailey

Batwoman #2

Writer: JH Williams

Artist: JH Williams

Pick this off the shelf. Look at the first 3 pages. Gaze in wonder at the way the fight scene is laid out. Go on, I’ll wait. Yeah, I know. From the cover to the panel layouts to the coloring to the body language, this is just a beautiful book. There is so much to take in and absorb that I almost feel as if I don’t want to turn the page for fear of missing some minor touch or little pencil stroke. But let’s not overlook the story which has been so well paced thus far. As Kate continues to search for the missing children, we are allowed further into her world and the characters that reside in it. And it’s those people that make the world seem rich and full. I wanna know more about this world. I wanna find out what happens to the kids. I wanna see Kate on another date. (Hey, that rhymes.) I wanna make this the Pick of the Week.

Story- 5

Art- 5

“This is so camp Crystal Lake.”

Orchid #1

Writer: Tom Morello

Artist: Scott Hepburn

If Gerard Way can make Umbrella Academy awesome, then surely Rage Against the Machine guitarist Morello can do something cool with this, right? Right? Anybody? Yeah, it’s no UA. After hearing Morello give interviews about this book, I get what he’s going for… a dystopian landscape where an unlikely hero rises up out from the masses… but it’s just not very good. Or original. The unevenness of both the story and art is displayed throughout the book. Speech patterns don’t match. Art that is clean one page is hazy and crosshatched the next. Maybe there’s a good story in here somewhere but I couldn’t find it. Luckily I have My Chem playing on Pandora right now, so I at least got that going for me.

Story- 2

Art- 2

“We have caught you!”


Ultimate Spider-man #3- 5/5- If you’re not reading this, then you are just wrong.

Ultimate X-Men #2- 4/5- It’s nice to know that in the Ultimate Universe, everyone is good looking.

Amazing Spider-man #671- 3/5- The art is waning and the story needs to be done.

X-Men: Regenesis- 4/5- Pick your sides. Storm or Toad? Dazzler or Dust? Milk or Cheese?

Morning Glories #13- 3/5- I might now be buying this simply out of spite.

Irredeemable #30- 3/5- I want to care again, Mark Waid. Please help me a little.

Green Lantern #2- 4/5- Sinestro- Hell yeah! Hal Jordan- meh.

Suicide Squad #2- 4/5- It’s weird and strange and a man-shark bites people’s heads off.

Frankenstein #2- 4/5- DC Hellboy continues to be a really fun read.

Grifter #2- 4/5- Muuuuuccchhhhh better than the 1st issue.

Resurrection Man #2- 4/5- So obviously none of this was meant to relaunch women’s clothes.

Batman & Robin #2- 4/5- It’s slightly possible that Damien is a tad psychotic.

Demon Knights #2- 5/5- Some of the most fun you can have with your clothes on. And Dragons.

Uncanny X-Force #16- 5/5- The Blob has massive nipple rings.

That’s what I read this week, Plexers. Very solid.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Magic: The Gathering Comic coming from IDW!

Attention all Magic Players- Check out the exclusive alternate art card that will be included in the first issue of the new Magic: The Gathering comic from IDW!

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"Fastball Special"- by Jeff Bailey

Chew #21
Writer: John Layman
Artist: Rob Guillory

We’ve all had jobs that we thought were beneath us. Maybe it was dog walker or pizza delivery boy. For Tony Chu, it’s meter maid. Once the most important special agent in the gov’t, Tony now has to come to grips with handing out tickets from a Segway. In a kilt. The story takes place over three days and we get to watch Layman put Tony on a crazy rollercoaster of vocational ups and downs. The dialogue, as always, snaps and it’s easy to get a feel for all the characters in very short time. Guillory’s art continues to amaze me as I find more and more Easter eggs in each panel. Even at its most gruesome, the art leaves me grinning like a schoolgirl. Um, a very manly schoolgirl. Yeah. Anyways… Chew continues to be one of the best books out there and is, once again, my Pick of the Week.
Story- 5
Art- 5
“Is he licking motor oil?”

Detective Comics #2
Writer: Tony Daniel
Artist: Tony Daniel

Maybe it’s been a while since Bruce has been Batman but I don’t really know who this is. It looks like Batman but as Daniel moves us through the story so far… it’s confusing. Does Bruce have lots of casual sex with reporters? Does he walk into obvious traps and start yelling out for a kidnap victim alerting the bad guys to his exact location? We are introduced to a new villain, The Dollmaker, and to be honest, he’s kinda.. lame or tame or contrived or something that just doesn’t do much for me. And the ending, while controversial, just feels hollow and kind of cheap. The art is dark and atmospheric, setting the mood very well but there are a few panels that don’t quite make the grade. Overall, I appreciate Daniel’s attempt to go to Bat’s dark places but it just doesn’t feel like it has the weight of Snyder’s Batman.
Story- 2
Art- 4
“Then kiss me before you bleed to death.”


Huntress #1- 4/5- Really dug the art and look forward to the rest of the mini-series.

Penguin #1- 5/5- Oh man! The Penguin mess you up, fool!

Red Lanterns #2- 3/5- I’m going to like this once they finally explain what these lanterns do.

Action Comics #2- 4/5- Whatever he might become later, this version of Supes kicks massive amounts of heiny. Pardon my French.

Invincible #83- 4/5- The maturing of a superhero is a fascinating study.

The Walking Dead #89- 5/5- Grenade meet pin. Now say goodbye.

That’s what I read this week, Plexers. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Fastball Special"- by Jeff Bailey

Ultimate Spider-Man #2

Writer: Brian Bendis
Artist: Sara Pichelli

I was exceedingly skeptical about this new incarnation of Spider-man. Not because of all the racial hoopla (Miguel O’Hara has been a non-white Spider-man for years) but because I know Peter to be Spidey (There was no clone. Stop asking.) But I wanted to give it a shot and the 1st issue was ok but moved really slowly for me and I could feel myself waning on the title. But O, Bendis, you magnificent bastard! I smiled the whole way through issue 2. I rooted for Miles as he was confronted by the bullies. I sympathized with him as he had the heart to heart with his dad. I felt his fear as he and his best friend (a terrific character in a Frog-Man tee) tried to figure out what was happening to him. Pichelli’s art is beautiful and really highlights the new and different spider powers that Miles is starting to manifest. At the end of the day, this issue made me excited for the next one more than any other book and thus, it is The Pick of the Week.
Story- 5
Art- 5
“Dude, you have powers.”

Aquaman #1
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ivan Reis

I’m so angry. I… see… wha… Aquaman?? Reallllllyyyy?? Here’s how you know you should run out and get this… I wanted to hate it. I picked it up so that I could laugh at people who thought that Aquaman could somehow be a good character. I was ready to mega-loathe it. But… dang it. It’s really good. There is no denying the art is outstanding. Look at the angles and different viewpoints Reis uses throughout. People’s expressions are rich and full and the coloring pops something fierce. But it would have been for naught if Johns hadn’t made fishboy compelling and I mean quickly. And he does. This is heavier on the character intro than it is on the plot and that works out just fine. There is the right amount of self-deprecation mixed with a real sense of depth and power for Aquaman. So I guess I am dropping a few of the new 52 but I am going to be subscribing to this one. I have a feeling it’s going to be a while before I have heard that last of being wrong on this.
Story- 5
Art- 5
“I don’t talk to fish.”


Sixth Gun #15- 4/5- Really good look at some of the characters’ pasts

Savage Hawkman #1- 2/5- Art- Blech! Story- zzzzz

Firestorm #1- 2/5- Stop talking. Stop talking. Stop talking. Please stop talking

I, Vampire #1- 4/5- I’m in cuz they don’t sparkle

GL: New Guardians #1- 3/5- Rushed in places it should be slower and slow in places that should be faster

Superman #1- 3/5- I like 5 years ago Supes in Action . I don’t care about now Supes

Flash #1- 4/5- Good writing start for great artist Manapul

Teen Titans #1- 4/5- I’m going to struggle when Tim’s not the focus

Batman: Dark Knight #1- 4/5- Solid enough for the Batman fans

JL Dark #1- 4/5- Flying teeth ate Superman. Yep. It’s true

Gladstones #5- 4/5- You are all messing out on a fun, twisting comic!

Daredevil #4- 5/5- The new Matt continues to impress

Wolverine #16- 4/5- I liked it. I think. Robert Goulet Logan is weird

Venom #7- 4/5- Remender, much like Flash Thompson, has a hard time pulling punches

Amazing Spider-man #670- 4/5- Spider Island will never end. But it’s entertaining

FF #9- 3/5- Boring. Dropped it

Mighty Thor #6- 3/5- Pretty but boring. Dropped it
That’s what I read this week, Plexers. Wasn’t that enough for one week?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Magic: The Gathering....Innistrad!

We just wanted to say thank you to all who participated in our Innistrad Pre- Release Event on Saturday, September 24th, 2011. We had 36 players in total, who met at our Planet X remote location at Frank's Theater in York, PA. This was our largest event yet! Everyone had a blast, and we look forward to seeing you at the Launch Party this coming Friday Night!

If you would like to pre- register for the Launch Party, please call 717-747-1092!

Monday, September 5, 2011

"Fastball Special" by Jeff Bailey

Uncanny X-Force #14
Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Jerome Opena

What I liked most about Justice League #1 was… Oh, wait, I didn’t pick that. Oops. Too bad for it but this was the best book of the week. The Dark Angel Saga continues as the troupe has made it into its own universe with the key to defeating a rapidly eviling Archangel. Opena’s art is masterful and conveys such a sense of dread in its storytelling. There are panels, both large and small, that made me cringe, laugh, and gasp. This AOA arc has been wonderfully told by Remender and feels as though it has depth and purpose. I do not know what will happen to the characters or where the story will take us and that is high praise in today’s spoiler-knowing, rehashed stories world we live in. My pick of the week.
Story- 5
Art- 5
You shouldn’t have done that.”

The Mighty Thor #5
Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Olivier Coipel

The battle between the Asgardians & the Eater of Worlds intensifies in this issue. First, the art is beautiful. Coipel can show us emotion with a look and gives a frenetic energy to the battle scenes. The coloring definitely adds to the majesty of watching gods collide. But then there’s the story…Oy vay. Maybe I just came into this the wrong way. Not knowing much about Thor, I picked this up after the movie expecting it to be a bit of a starting point for us novices. But it certainly hasn’t felt that way to me. Fraction hasn’t given me any emotional tie to any of the characters, so while they look amazing, I have no stock in the outcome of the battle. And the portrayal of the townsfolk has been… idiotic. I just don’t get it.
Story- 2
Art- 5
I! Have! Had! Enough!”


Amazing Spiderman #668- 4/5- Really fun continuation of the Spider-Island story.

Sixth Gun #14- 5/5- Where does evil come from and what is the price to be paid for it?

Flashpoint #5- 4/5- The Wayne family is just… awesome.

Justice League #1- 4/5- I’m pumped to read the next issue. And Hal’s an ass.

Last week’s comics

Gates of Gotham #5- 4/5- We’ll see more of Gotham’s character in Snyder’s Batman run.

Batman Incorporated #8- 2/5- The highs and lows on this book from month to month are enormous.

FF #8- 4/5- Ummm… yeah… it’s ok.

Ultimates #1- 4/5- Great art and of course Hickman’s need to use the slow burn.

Wolverine #14- 5/5- Absolutely heartbreaking end to this arc. Heartbreaking.

Chew #20- 4/5- Mostly hit but a little miss this month for a top 5 title.

That’s what I read this week, Plexers. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Magic: The Gathering- Innistrad Pre- Release Tournament

Magic Fans- we present to you a Special Event. 
On Friday, September 24th at 6 PM, the MTG Innistrad Pre- Release Tournament launches at Planet X Comics for select guests. 
Receive Special Prizes, Foil Cards, Promotional Items, Posters and more. 
This will be the largest Pre- Release in South Central PA. 
Snacks and drinks will be served. Remember, for Alcoholic Beverages you must be 21 or older. There will be a great crowd at this one. Don't miss it!
You know the drill- First, Register at Planet X Comics!
The Event itself takes place in the large banquet room of Frank Theaters next door. Expect a Large Gathering!
Admission Fee is $30.00. Please take a second and reserve your spaces at Planet X! 
For details feel free to call 717-747-1092, or just email. This will be a Ranked and Sanctioned Event. This Tournament is the Precursor to the upcoming Launch Party! Come and Be the First to Experience Innistrad!

                                           Good Luck All!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Fastball Special"- by Jeff Bailey

Batgirl #24
Writer: Bryan Miller
Artist: Pere Perez

Readers gave DC hell when Stephanie Brown was given the job of being Gotham’s Batgirl. Barbara was such an amazing character (and only grew in awesomeness as she became Oracle) that this upstart former villain wouldn’t be able to carry Barbara’s cape, let alone this title. But over two years, Miller and Perez have opened us up to Steph’s strengths and weaknesses, her stubbornness and vulnerability, her warmth and her darkness. The art has always been top-notch and this issue ramps that up even further. The splash pages are beautiful and touching. Flip through this book on the shelves and see for yourself. It adds so much to what is sadly Steph’s final hurrah. Miller wraps her story of so perfectly and as I read the last panel, I knew this was my pick of the week. Pick this up in trade.
Stephanie, we didn’t have long enough to know you.
Story- 5
Art- 5

Morning Glories #11
Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Joe Eisma

Now this is getting to be more like it. This issue is starting to show me what I had originally hoped to get out of this book. I still don’t understand a lick of what’s happening in the plot—evil school, sexy evil teachers, horny evil students—I guess. Maybe. But this issue was such a smart look into the life of one of the main characters. The development of his mannerisms and motivations is brought to light in ways that Spencer has missed in past issues, in my opinion. I was moved by the story to want to turn the page to see what choices the character would make. And the art, as always, is stellar. It’s easy to transition from present day to the flashbacks and all the characters’ emotions can be seen even in their body language. I still don’t love this book but I want to take it out for coffee and get to know its political views.
Story- 4
Art- 5
“How’s that for results?”


Red Robin #26- 3/5- Hopefully Tim will get better treat in the reboot revamp relaunch… the new books.

Batman and Robin #26- 3/5- Meh.

Detective Comics #881- 5/5- Oh my good Lord! What a great arc in every sense. From the covers to the interior art to the story to the dialogue. Just stunning.

That’s what I read this week, Plexers.