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Sunday, January 23, 2011

INFESTATION #1 ships this week!

IDW Publishing presents INFESTATION, an ambitious crossover event that will tie in with their popular TRANSFORMERS, STAR TREK, G.I. JOE and GHOSTBUSTERS titles. This first-ever event ignites a zombie uprising that threatens to tear the universe apart. Fans will undoubtedly enjoy an all-out massive battle between zombies, vampires, ghost hunters, space cadets and giant robots.

In the hot desert of New Mexico, an ammunitions storage facility has been the secret hiding place for a government laboratory. A horrible catastrophe leaves all the doctors, the scientists and nurses dead inside. The military arrives in the midst of chaos, firing a storm of bullets at the reanimated cadavers.

Because their mission is to protect humans from the supernatural, CVO (Covert Vampiric Operations) has been assigned for clean-up duty. The top-secret squad of vampire agents investigates the cause of the disaster while wiping out the undead, who are roaming around in the abandoned building. While team leader Cross directs the annihilation of the zombie army, Benny, the “brains” of the operation, discovers the source of the incident. He finds out that the scientists were working on an interdimensional portal, a gateway to Dimension Z.

A voice in the darkness calls out to Benny, tempting him to betray his teammates. He suddenly loses his sanity while attempting to shut off the portal. The army of zombies are linked to a hive consciousness, called the Undermind. This unstoppable force has a never-ending appetite for fresh meat and knowledge. Bent on world domination, the Undermind intends to use the portal to spread through other dimensions.

Writing duo Dan Abnett and Andy Landing grab hold of the reader’s attention with their blood-soaked opening. The narrative builds to an epic confrontation between CVO and the Undermind, leaving fans anxiously anticipating the next action-packed issue. The writers have also cleverly supplied enough material to keep their audience engaged to follow the other IDW titles.

The artwork by David Messina is rich in character design, providing each CVO member a specific look to reflect their personality. Every single page is littered with intense zombie action. Messina’s cinematic angles keep the eyes focused on zombie bites, arm dismemberment and heads being blown off.

With the groundwork set, INFESTATION #1 becomes a phenomenal event that will surely have comic book and horror fans buying every single issue. Readers shouldn’t be expecting BLACKEST NIGHT or another CIVIL WAR; this is a zombie outbreak done absolutely right, full of carnage and nonstop action!

From January 19 to April 6, INFESTATION spreads onto TRANSFORMERS, STAR TREK, G.I. JOE and GHOSTBUSTERS. This writer anxiously hopes Snake Eyes (Yo Joe!) will slice and dice zombies with his swords. To see the Ghostbusters team use their proton packs against a zombified Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, that’s worth buying alone!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

King of the Monsters Returns

IDW Publishing and Toho Co., Ltd. are excited to announce the return to comics for the biggest star in motion pictures! Kicking off in March, GODZILLA®: MONSTER WORLD offers fans the world over the first ongoing comic series in years. GODZILLA® will be joined by many other monsters throughout the series, including MOTHRA, KING GHIDORAH, RODAN and more that have never before been featured in an American comic book series alongside King of the Monsters.

"Godzilla has been gone from comics for too long" said Yukio Kotaki of Toho. "And to have it return with other monsters is simply very exciting."

Bringing these fearsome creatures back to comics is a larger-than-life creative team, led by co-writers Eric Powell (The Goon) and Tracy Marsh. Artist Phil Hester (Kevin Smith's The Green Hornet) will capture every monster moment. The series will feature not one but two painted covers, offered on a 50/50 basis: Eric Powell will provide a gatefold wraparound cover featuring many beloved Toho monsters, and fan-favorite artist Alex Ross contributed an imposing image of Godzilla®. Powell has also painted a separate incentive cover to herald the debut issue's launch.

"To be able to launch a Godzilla series that features many fan-favorite Toho monsters never before seen in comics is gratifying enough," said Chris Ryall, IDW's Chief Creative Officer. "But to do it with the guiding hand and brush of Eric Powell -- as perfectly suited a creator as I could've hoped to come aboard here - along with Hester, Marsh, and Ross, is about as monstrous a line-up as I could've ever hoped for. What's more, this is just the first series to come in the line. The next one out of the gates features multiple Eisner-nominees and winners handling the creative, so we're well and truly just getting started here."

In GODZILLA®: MONSTER WORLD, a full-scale apocalypse is brewing. The monsters are a force of nature whose attacks can be no more predicted or rationalized than a lightning strike. There will be no clean-cut heroes with perfectly chiseled chins and capes billowing in the wind; only ordinary human beings struggling desperately to survive in a world gone mad.

With an impressive cast of monsters both old and new, IDW's series will treat fans to both familiar themes and original takes on the pop culture legends that have stomped, smashed, and fought their way across movie screens for over four decades.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


It's an issue too large to contain -- and an issue too hot to keep on shelves! SPAWN #200, the landmark issue of the top-selling independent comic of all time, has sold out at the distribution level!

Image Comics is rushing comics' best value in years back to the presses. The second printing of SPAWN #200 will be in stores February 9, so mark your calendars if you missed the first printing!

"Obviously, it's great to have any book you create sell out," says creator Todd McFarlane, "but given the high initial orders of the first printing of SPAWN #200, combined with the fact that this is our big bicentennial issue, it only makes the sellout that much more rewarding. I'd like to thank both the fans and the store owners for making this possible."

SPAWN celebrates its 200th issue in high fashion, with an all-star lineup: Greg Capullo (HAUNT, THE CREECH), David Finch (CYBERFORCE, Batman), Michael Golden (The 'Nam, Micronauts) Jim Lee (All-Star Batman and Robin, Batman: Hush), Rob Liefeld (YOUNGBLOOD, Deadpool), Marc Silvestri (THE DARKNESS, CYBERFORCE), Danny Miki (SPAWN, Avengers) and Ashley Wood (HELLSPAWN, Zombies vs. Robots) all contributed to the issue. Robert Kirkman (THE WALKING DEAD, HAUNT) even wrote and penciled an origin story for Omega Spawn!

In this landmark issue, the most ruthless villain in the Spawn universe returns. Can Jim Downing survive a face-to-face confrontation? Downing will battle his most fearsome opponent yet and get answers from an astonishing source, as two fan-favorite characters make a glorious return in this double-sized issue.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And Then There Were Three!

Fantastic Four #587, the final chapter of the currently unfolding "Three" storyline by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting, will have no overprint and not appear on newsstands, Marvel Comics announced Friday afternoon.

The publisher announced at New York Comic Con's that the issue will also be polybagged, in order to prevent customers from spoiling themselves at retail stores.

No overprint may remind some fans and retailers of the Marvel of the early 2000s, when under the direction of former president and chief operating officer Bill Jemas, the publisher had a strict, all-encompassing no overprint policy.

The intent of the policy was to encourage retailers to order books aggressively, so that readers would find ample supplies of titles in stores on the day of sale, rather than potential new readers finding no copies of books receiving media attention.

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