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Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Daredevil" #1 Review- by Jeff Bailey

I left Daredevil a long time ago. Years ago. It became depressing and boring and I had other things to do. And if, like me, you jumped off the train, let me say this, GET BACK ON. This issue is great. It's everything you want in a Daredevil book. The dialogue is witty and clever; the story is fast-paced and intriguing (in both of Matt's roles- superhero and lawyer); the action flows and twists; and the last page begs for you to pick up the next issue. Even the short back-up story at the end gives a wonderful insight into what will be the status quo going forward. If this is a sign of things to come from Waid and Rivera, then we could be in for a tremendous run that Daredevil hasn't seen in a long time.
Pick of the week. It's good to have you back, Matt.
Story- 5
Art- 5
"That perfume drives me wild""

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gather Your Allies!

You are cordially invited to a very special Magic: The Gathering Event. As most of you know, this Saturday, July 9th is the Pre- Release for the new M12 Core Set. As a new Core Dealer, Planet X has decided to create a special experience for our most valued customers. This Event will start at 2 PM and run until approximately 8 PM. There will be prizes, foil cards, and special surprises for all entrants. Best of all, the Event will be hosted in the Banquet Room of the Frank Theaters, adjacent to Planet X. This means there will a huge Gathering of Players from all Walks of Life, please come and enjoy this unique evening with like- minded fans of MTG. Potentially, this will be the largest Event in Planet X History. We have space reserved for up to 48 people, but the spots are filling fast and will most likely sell out. Please call 717-747-1092 to reserve your space immediately!
Admission is $30.00. Please come to Planet X first to claim your seat. This Event will be Sanctioned and Ranked with Wizards of the Coast.

 Gather your Allies and Prepare for Glory….M12 is Here!

Creative Marketing Geniuses Transform Competitors Into Rubble!

Special Congratulations are due to Kimberly Fling and Lara Renee! Working with an incredibly tight budget and nearly impossible time constraints, the dynamic duo created a Marketing Display for the new Transformers 3 Movie Tie-in. Their work has been recognized by IDW Publishing's Contest, "Transform Your Wall", a National Event that included all the most awesome comic stores. Their colorful, brightly flashing display has earned them Third Place in this prestigious contest! Great job!
Thank you to all the parties involved for helping Planet X to become America's most trusted name in Transformers Collectibles!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Amidst Throes of Troubling Economic Uncertainty, Local News Agencies Contact Planet X for Sound Fiscal Guidance.

York firms react to Fed ruling

In a ruling Wednesday, the Federal Reserve voted to limit the fees banks can charge retailers for swiping debit cards to 21 cents per transaction.
Daily Record/Sunday News

In a final ruling Wednesday, the Federal Reserve voted to limit the fees banks can charge retailers for swiping debit cards to 21 cents per transaction.

The decision represents an increase from a 12-cent cap proposed in December.
Here's what local firms had to say:
CEO Scott Hartman said the actual cost to process a debit transaction is around 4 cents -- much lower than the government's 21-cent cap.
"I know a lot of companies around here that would like to make five times what their cost is," he said.
Next to labor and rent, interchange fees are Rutter's third largest expenditure, totaling $5 million last year, Hartman said.
So far this year, he said, interchange costs are up by $500,000.
"If we can begin to allow merchants to negotiate and make some banks provide lower fees, then banks are just like every other business in the country," he said. "We're not trying to beat up banks. We're trying to get them to play under the same rules."
Though he'd like to see the cap lowered, the regulation, in general, he said, is a good thing, and could trickle down to consumers in the form of lower prices.
"Right now, every time costs go up, a business passes them some way back through to consumers," he said. "When they go down, they should get the same direct benefit, because businesses compete."
Capping interchange fees means banks must recover lost revenue, said Laura Wakeley, spokeswoman for Fulton Financial Corp., which operates more than 100 Fulton Bank branches in Pennsylvania and Virginia.
"Can there be free checking accounts anymore?" Wakeley asked. "Are there going to be rewards programs? All of these things cost money."
Banks with less than $10 billion in assets are exempt from the interchange fee regulation, though some argue that they could be forced into competition with larger financial institutions.
"If banks over $10 billion are capped at a certain rate, banks under $10 billion will also have to charge that rate to be able to get the business from retailers," Wakeley said. "Retailers are going to gravitate toward the lower cost option to get those transactions processed. Why would they choose the same service for more money?"
Kimberly Fling said she's in favor of the cap.
"We're a brand new business," said Fling, owner of Planet X Comics in York Township. "The less fees we have, the more growth we're going to see."
lboyer@ydr.com; 771-2062