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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Fastball Special"- by Jeff Bailey

Batgirl #24
Writer: Bryan Miller
Artist: Pere Perez

Readers gave DC hell when Stephanie Brown was given the job of being Gotham’s Batgirl. Barbara was such an amazing character (and only grew in awesomeness as she became Oracle) that this upstart former villain wouldn’t be able to carry Barbara’s cape, let alone this title. But over two years, Miller and Perez have opened us up to Steph’s strengths and weaknesses, her stubbornness and vulnerability, her warmth and her darkness. The art has always been top-notch and this issue ramps that up even further. The splash pages are beautiful and touching. Flip through this book on the shelves and see for yourself. It adds so much to what is sadly Steph’s final hurrah. Miller wraps her story of so perfectly and as I read the last panel, I knew this was my pick of the week. Pick this up in trade.
Stephanie, we didn’t have long enough to know you.
Story- 5
Art- 5

Morning Glories #11
Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Joe Eisma

Now this is getting to be more like it. This issue is starting to show me what I had originally hoped to get out of this book. I still don’t understand a lick of what’s happening in the plot—evil school, sexy evil teachers, horny evil students—I guess. Maybe. But this issue was such a smart look into the life of one of the main characters. The development of his mannerisms and motivations is brought to light in ways that Spencer has missed in past issues, in my opinion. I was moved by the story to want to turn the page to see what choices the character would make. And the art, as always, is stellar. It’s easy to transition from present day to the flashbacks and all the characters’ emotions can be seen even in their body language. I still don’t love this book but I want to take it out for coffee and get to know its political views.
Story- 4
Art- 5
“How’s that for results?”


Red Robin #26- 3/5- Hopefully Tim will get better treat in the reboot revamp relaunch… the new books.

Batman and Robin #26- 3/5- Meh.

Detective Comics #881- 5/5- Oh my good Lord! What a great arc in every sense. From the covers to the interior art to the story to the dialogue. Just stunning.

That’s what I read this week, Plexers. 

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