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Monday, October 3, 2011

"Fastball Special"- by Jeff Bailey

Ultimate Spider-Man #2

Writer: Brian Bendis
Artist: Sara Pichelli

I was exceedingly skeptical about this new incarnation of Spider-man. Not because of all the racial hoopla (Miguel O’Hara has been a non-white Spider-man for years) but because I know Peter to be Spidey (There was no clone. Stop asking.) But I wanted to give it a shot and the 1st issue was ok but moved really slowly for me and I could feel myself waning on the title. But O, Bendis, you magnificent bastard! I smiled the whole way through issue 2. I rooted for Miles as he was confronted by the bullies. I sympathized with him as he had the heart to heart with his dad. I felt his fear as he and his best friend (a terrific character in a Frog-Man tee) tried to figure out what was happening to him. Pichelli’s art is beautiful and really highlights the new and different spider powers that Miles is starting to manifest. At the end of the day, this issue made me excited for the next one more than any other book and thus, it is The Pick of the Week.
Story- 5
Art- 5
“Dude, you have powers.”

Aquaman #1
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ivan Reis

I’m so angry. I… see… wha… Aquaman?? Reallllllyyyy?? Here’s how you know you should run out and get this… I wanted to hate it. I picked it up so that I could laugh at people who thought that Aquaman could somehow be a good character. I was ready to mega-loathe it. But… dang it. It’s really good. There is no denying the art is outstanding. Look at the angles and different viewpoints Reis uses throughout. People’s expressions are rich and full and the coloring pops something fierce. But it would have been for naught if Johns hadn’t made fishboy compelling and I mean quickly. And he does. This is heavier on the character intro than it is on the plot and that works out just fine. There is the right amount of self-deprecation mixed with a real sense of depth and power for Aquaman. So I guess I am dropping a few of the new 52 but I am going to be subscribing to this one. I have a feeling it’s going to be a while before I have heard that last of being wrong on this.
Story- 5
Art- 5
“I don’t talk to fish.”


Sixth Gun #15- 4/5- Really good look at some of the characters’ pasts

Savage Hawkman #1- 2/5- Art- Blech! Story- zzzzz

Firestorm #1- 2/5- Stop talking. Stop talking. Stop talking. Please stop talking

I, Vampire #1- 4/5- I’m in cuz they don’t sparkle

GL: New Guardians #1- 3/5- Rushed in places it should be slower and slow in places that should be faster

Superman #1- 3/5- I like 5 years ago Supes in Action . I don’t care about now Supes

Flash #1- 4/5- Good writing start for great artist Manapul

Teen Titans #1- 4/5- I’m going to struggle when Tim’s not the focus

Batman: Dark Knight #1- 4/5- Solid enough for the Batman fans

JL Dark #1- 4/5- Flying teeth ate Superman. Yep. It’s true

Gladstones #5- 4/5- You are all messing out on a fun, twisting comic!

Daredevil #4- 5/5- The new Matt continues to impress

Wolverine #16- 4/5- I liked it. I think. Robert Goulet Logan is weird

Venom #7- 4/5- Remender, much like Flash Thompson, has a hard time pulling punches

Amazing Spider-man #670- 4/5- Spider Island will never end. But it’s entertaining

FF #9- 3/5- Boring. Dropped it

Mighty Thor #6- 3/5- Pretty but boring. Dropped it
That’s what I read this week, Plexers. Wasn’t that enough for one week?

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