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Friday, October 14, 2011

"Fastball Special"- by Jeff Bailey

Batwoman #2

Writer: JH Williams

Artist: JH Williams

Pick this off the shelf. Look at the first 3 pages. Gaze in wonder at the way the fight scene is laid out. Go on, I’ll wait. Yeah, I know. From the cover to the panel layouts to the coloring to the body language, this is just a beautiful book. There is so much to take in and absorb that I almost feel as if I don’t want to turn the page for fear of missing some minor touch or little pencil stroke. But let’s not overlook the story which has been so well paced thus far. As Kate continues to search for the missing children, we are allowed further into her world and the characters that reside in it. And it’s those people that make the world seem rich and full. I wanna know more about this world. I wanna find out what happens to the kids. I wanna see Kate on another date. (Hey, that rhymes.) I wanna make this the Pick of the Week.

Story- 5

Art- 5

“This is so camp Crystal Lake.”

Orchid #1

Writer: Tom Morello

Artist: Scott Hepburn

If Gerard Way can make Umbrella Academy awesome, then surely Rage Against the Machine guitarist Morello can do something cool with this, right? Right? Anybody? Yeah, it’s no UA. After hearing Morello give interviews about this book, I get what he’s going for… a dystopian landscape where an unlikely hero rises up out from the masses… but it’s just not very good. Or original. The unevenness of both the story and art is displayed throughout the book. Speech patterns don’t match. Art that is clean one page is hazy and crosshatched the next. Maybe there’s a good story in here somewhere but I couldn’t find it. Luckily I have My Chem playing on Pandora right now, so I at least got that going for me.

Story- 2

Art- 2

“We have caught you!”


Ultimate Spider-man #3- 5/5- If you’re not reading this, then you are just wrong.

Ultimate X-Men #2- 4/5- It’s nice to know that in the Ultimate Universe, everyone is good looking.

Amazing Spider-man #671- 3/5- The art is waning and the story needs to be done.

X-Men: Regenesis- 4/5- Pick your sides. Storm or Toad? Dazzler or Dust? Milk or Cheese?

Morning Glories #13- 3/5- I might now be buying this simply out of spite.

Irredeemable #30- 3/5- I want to care again, Mark Waid. Please help me a little.

Green Lantern #2- 4/5- Sinestro- Hell yeah! Hal Jordan- meh.

Suicide Squad #2- 4/5- It’s weird and strange and a man-shark bites people’s heads off.

Frankenstein #2- 4/5- DC Hellboy continues to be a really fun read.

Grifter #2- 4/5- Muuuuuccchhhhh better than the 1st issue.

Resurrection Man #2- 4/5- So obviously none of this was meant to relaunch women’s clothes.

Batman & Robin #2- 4/5- It’s slightly possible that Damien is a tad psychotic.

Demon Knights #2- 5/5- Some of the most fun you can have with your clothes on. And Dragons.

Uncanny X-Force #16- 5/5- The Blob has massive nipple rings.

That’s what I read this week, Plexers. Very solid.

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