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Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Fastball Special" - by Jeff Bailey

Flash #2
Writer: Francis Manapul
Artist: Francis Manapul
Ever had a time when your mouth was moving faster than your brain? It can get you in trouble. For Barry Allen, he has to figure out how to get his brain to think as fast as his entire body can move, which is pretty darn fast. What a treat to watch Barry refine his powers and use this new idea to actually map out the outcomes of his speedy actions before he even makes them. Manapul’s writing is still a bit raw but it is entertaining and paced well. While the story is good, it’s his art that is the hero of the book. The panel layouts are genius and he is able to convey motion, a must for a Flash book, as well as I have ever seen. This was a joy to read and was therefore, the Pick of the Week.

Story- 5

Art- 5

“I hope you filled out your warranty card.”

Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors #6

Writer: Mark Smith

Artist: Armand Villavert

The first issue ended with a twist and I was fearful that would be all this book had going for it. But Smith has been able to immerse us into this world and the give the kids in the school depth and meaning. All the young villains’ planning and skills get tested in this issue as they take on the heaviest of superhero heavies. The battle is great and the teamwork is fun to watch. Villavert’s art showcases and differentiates each of the kids’ powers in riveting fashion. This is definitely one of the great comics that you aren’t reading. Pick it up.

Story- 5

Art- 5

“Heh. Kids these days.”


Red Wing #4- 2/5- Just did not deliver in the end. Or is it the beginning?

Sixth Gun #16- 5/5- Our history can be used as a warning for our future.

Walking Dead #90- 4/5- Great early tension but the end was forced and out of character.

Batman: Dark Knight #2- 2/5- From the dialogue to the art to the story, I just don’t understand the need for this title.

Teen Titans #2- 3/5- DC is trying to make the characters in their team books reallllllly annoying.

GL: New Guardians #2- 4/5- Art is still a bit rough but interested in where the last page leads.

I, Vampire #2- 5/5- Love the atmosphere of this book.

JL Dark #2- 4/5- All of DC’s “dark” books are rock solid.

Aquaman #2- 4/5- Mera is one tough lady. And that’s a good thing.

Amazing Spider-man #672- 4/5- Spider Island has finally finished its 17 year run.

Venom #8- 5/5- Remender has turned Flash Thompson into one of this year’s best characters.

Daredevil #5- 5/5- Sorry, Foggy. I thought you were with the brunette. My bad.

Wolverine and the X-Men- 5/5- Robert Drake, CPA to the mutant stars.

That’s what I read this week, Plexers.

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