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Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Fastball Special" by Jeff Bailey

Ultimate Spider-man #4
Writer: Brian Bendis
Artist: Sara Pichelli

It’s hard to remake a character. It’s even harder to change the total identity of that character. Will we take to the new hero? Will they be someone we care about? Will we accept them being thrown into the already existing universe? Will they be able to fill those well-worn shoes?  In this issue, we find a young man asking himself the same questions. Miles wonders if he has what it takes to be a hero, so he goes in search of finding an answer to the question, “What made Peter Parker a hero?” Pichelli’s art is clean, tight and dynamic. Her characters’ emotions are clear and add to the tension of the book. I love how Bendis is showing us Miles’ journey to becoming a man and how it can be complicated by having power and responsibility thrust upon him. And for that, it is my Pick of the Week.

Story- 5
Art- 5
“Why did he do it?”

Suicide Squad #3
Writer: Adam Glass
Artist: Cliff Richards

The idea of having a group of villains team-up in order to do at least semi-heroic acts is not a new one. (The 90’s Thunderbolts took a great twist on the concept.) You do it wrong and you have a tedious rehash of tired material. You do it right and you have an exciting look at redemption. Or you can have Suicide Squad. For 3 issues now, this has been crazy, weird, fun and unpredictable. This time, the “team” is trying to hold out for an evac while managing to keep safe a plague-carrying baby. Yep. A plague-carrying baby. If that’s not enough for you, we also get 1) Harley Quinn’s underwear and 2) A shark guy eating chickens. Live chickens. If you like fun and I know that some of you do, try this one out.
Story- 5
Art- 5
“I don’t do clowns.”


Batgirl #3- 4/5- Barbara and Richard’s game of tag hit some really good notes.

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #2- 4/5- Art was a tad off but swimming through Oswald’s past is painful (but hey, I’m probably prejudiced).

Demon Knights #3- 4/5- Who would have guessed demons and the clergy don’t get along?

Resurrection Man #3- 4/5- Coming back to life over and over again looks to have an unpleasant feel to it.

Frankenstein #3- 4/5- Once again proving the age old adage- Mummies are cool.

Green Lantern #3- 5/5- More Sinestro as GL? Yes, please, Mr. Johns.

Grifter #3- 3/5- I’m beginning to fear they just don’t have the feel for who this character is.

Batman & Robin #3- 4/5- Not used to seeing Bruce struggle for control of a situation.

Batwoman #3- 5/5- Consistently the best art of any of the DC New 52.

Wolverine #18- 4/5- Enjoyable on its own but I have yet to catch on to where this arc fits in Aaron’s overall storyline.  

Avenging Spider-man #1- 4/5- Great art and a solid start to Pete’s new Avenger team-up book.

Uncanny X-Force #17- 5/5- The storytelling, both in words and art, is of the highest caliber. As always.

That’s what I read this week, Plexers.

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