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Sunday, November 27, 2011

"The Nice and Accurate Thoughts of Ben Eubank"

Aquaman - issue 3 - The art is fantastic as always. I really like all of the storylines being opened up and can't wait for next month. 5/5

Diablo - issue 1 - The story seems interesting. I like the premise so far; next month will determine the series. The art is very lined and rigid; not my favorite but seems appropriate for the story. 3/5

Doctor Who - issue 11 - There is a Romana reference... that's the best part. Predictable and not overly satisfying end. 3/5

Fantastic Four - issue 600 - The first Fantastic Four I've read... have to say I'm intrigued by the story. I enjoyed the art. Now just to catch up on FF. 4/5

The Flash - issue 3 - I really like the art in The Flash. The story is really getting good and I want to see how they work the ending out next month! 4/5

I, Vampire - issue 3 - I am liking this more and more. The new characters should prove to be fun in the coming issues. And next month, John Constantine! 5/5

Justice League Dark - issue 3 - Oh Enchantress... you're bad. I'm really intrigued by the character Shade. I definitely can't wait to see where this story is going and how everything gets tied together. 5/5Kick-Ass 2 - issue 5 - Hit-Girl is back! Some events that happened in this issue were shocking and sad but foreseeable. 3/5

Locke & Key - Guide to the Known Keys one-shot - Locke & Key just continues to amaze me. I love how the story keeps changing and you learn so much new information each time a new issue comes out. This one was a peek into the past when the rules with the keys were different. It reinforces how the keys have affected the family for such a long time. 5/5

Teen Titans - issue 3 - So much going on this week... Kid Flash, Solstice, Red Robin, Bunker, Skitter, Wonder Girl. And who's this Detritus character? Great art and fast-paced story. 5/5

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